3 Tips on Creating Effective Big Data Models for Businesses

Enterprises are increasingly driven by data. Database administrators, developers, and analysts need to manage, explore, and visualize it for various platforms. The data flows and relationships are defined and structured in data models. They help analyze the requirements essential for supporting the business processes and enforce business rules, regulatory compliances, and government policies on the information. The design of logical relationships becomes the basis of a physical model which consists of storage devices, databases, and files. Data modeling tools are …


How Can We Find the Right Software Development Company?

Many business owners are using high tech applications, in order to support their business growth. If you want to grow your business quickly, you should start using the best software for your company. Good software will be able to help you promote and organize your business effectively.…


Complete failure of Oracle security response and utter neglect of their responsibility to their customers

Dear security community and Oracle users,
Many of my customers run Oracle. Much of the U.K. Critical National
Infrastructure relies on Oracle; indeed this is true for many other
countries as well. I know that there’s a lot of private information about me
stored in Oracle databases out there. I have good reason, like most of us,
to be concerned about Oracle security; I want Oracle to be secure because,
in a very real way, it helps maintain my own …


Linux kernel ELF core dump privilege elevation

since it became clear from the discussion in January about the uselib()
vulnerability, that the Linux community prefers full, non-embargoed
disclosure of kernel bugs, I release full details right now. However to
follows at least some of the responsable disclosure rules, no exploit code
will be
released. Instead, only a proof-of-concept code is released to demonstrate
the vulnerability.

And here’s a patch for 2.6 that is completly untested. I’ll work on
testing it today and if it works, we …


Is there a scam in Security Certifications

I did take your advice and query Mr. Bavisi directly regarding your research. Below is his response.

As for Mr. Bavisi’s statement that the language regarding “EC-Councuil Universty is licensed by the State of Wyoming under Wyo. Stat. 21-2-401 through 21-2-407 and neither the Department of Education nor the Wyoming State Board of Education has
accredited or endorsed any course of study offered by EC-Council University” being a statutory requirement, with a single google search I found the following information:…


[EXPL] Cdrecord RSH SUID Shell Creation

The following security advisory is sent to the securiteam mailing list, and can
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Cdrecord RSH SUID Shell Creation


Max Vozeler found that the
cdrecord program, which can be installed as suid root, fails to drop euid=0
when it exec()s a program specified by the user through the $RSH environment
variable. This can be …


[Snort-sigs] (snort decoder) Bad Traffic Same Src/Dst IP {trying to supress alerts from certain IP’s}


I’m trying to suppress alerts from 2 machines where this traffic is normal. When using base to identify the SID it says the SID is 151 but when I search snort.org I can not find THIS rule. I have searched high and low to find references to this specific instance of the rule (I have already suppressed SID 527).

I have run grep in my rules directory to find the rule that is creating this alert to no avail. …